Our Services


Lucy Mortuary and Cremations provides care and support to families during a difficult and uncertain period of bereavement. It is the practice of the Mortuary to provide the family professional care and support with dignity and pride at an affordable cost. We are large enough to serve your family and small enough to care for your needs. We specialize in servicing your love one as if he/she were our own family and not just another business transaction.

Our family offers many services connected with a funeral service. These services include but are not limited to:

  • 24 hour availability of staff
  • Services to families of any religious belief with a wide selection of diversified funerals, cremations, and alternative service options.
  • Personal, Professional, and Affordable services.
  • The availability of our funeral automotive fleet on every service
  • Corporately located in Fort Worth, Texas
  • Nationwide funeral services conducted by our staff, In-State, Out-of-State and International Shipping.
  • Assistance with the coordination of the funeral services from the writing of the obituary to the contacting of ministers, vocalists, pallbearers, and beauticians
  • Full time pre-need counselors for free consultation on pre-planning questions without any obligation to your family.
  • Assistance with veteran's benefits, social security benefits and the filing of life insurance claims.
  • Unique ways of memorializing your loved one.
  • A complete line of quality, affordable funeral merchandise including caskets, headstones, vaults, urns, and other keepsake item
  • Assistance in selection of cemetery plots at any cemetery.
  • Grief resource information and support.
  • A full time staff who are all fully licensed and experienced in all aspects of funeral service.

Different Types of Funeral Services

Over the years, people have become accustomed to handling funeral services in different manners according to their family's preferences or traditions. At Lucy Mortuary and Cremation, we feel that each funeral service is an entirely different and personal event. Our service will meet the needs and requests of every family that we serve. Lucy Mortuary has a variety of funeral services to meet each family's special needs. They include:

  • Traditional funeral services.
  • Church funeral service
  • Abbreviated (same day visitation and funeral service)
  • Immediate Burials.
  • Cremation (with or without a funeral or memorial service)
  • Special organizational services (such as, Masonic, Eastern Star, and Knights of Columbus)
  • Special military honor services.
  • Alternative (Reception Service, Celebration Service
  • Out of town arrangements
  • Aftercare
  • Pre-Planning.

Our Full Service Traditional Funeral Offering

At Lucy Mortuary and Cremation, the most widely selected method of celebrating a life lived is the traditional full service funeral offering. When compared to other Funeral Service offering, this particular service is the one most widely used.

This offering includes but is not limited to all professional services of the funeral directors and staff, transfer of remains to funeral home, preparation of remains for a public visitation and funeral service. It also includes the storage of remains, one day visitation in funeral home or another facility, funeral service at funeral home or another facility, burial in a local cemetery, and use of our funeral automotive fleet.


Cremation is the changing of a traditional ground burial to cremation as the means or method of final disposition of a family member. Cremation does not replace or eliminate the need for a funeral or memorial service. Cremation also allows the family to have the needed closure they desire.

Many people who are today choosing cremation also prefer to have a funeral service and visitation with the human remains present. The cremation process would then be completed after the public service. We provide several cremation packages that allows you to choose a package of your choice. With our complete cremation option packages, certainly your personal choice will be available. See our cremation packages for more details.

If you are considering cremation, we encourage you to talk with one or our Directors. Some people believe that their service options are limited; however, the cremation options at our Mortuary are unlimited.

Out of Town Arrangements

Traditionally, families option to their families arrangements handled by the same Funeral Home, Lucy Mortuary and Cremation. We endeavor to handle your instate and out of town love ones in the same professional manner. We are familiar with your family's level of service. We are also able to handle any type of arrangements out of town, or when people are away from home.

Because of our association and knowledge of the State and National Funeral Professional Associations, we can handle arrangements anywhere in the World. Simply call Lucy Mortuary and Cremation first, you have the assurance that the details will be handled in the most professional and caring manner. The most important thing to remember is that you are as close to requesting Lucy's Mortuary and Cremation Service as you are to the nearest telephone.


The grieving process is real and at Lucy's Mortuary we do not take this process lightly. We have a number of Grieving Counselors who are ready and available to assistant you during this process as needed. Please call us at 817-919-5050 to make arrangements for a Grieving Counselor to visit with you at your convenience. Please understand that we know the importance of caring for your family before, during, and after the funeral service. We remember each family throughout the year and we also offer a full supply of bereavement literature to help to answer difficult questions.


Pre-planning is the idea of making one's wishes known before the time of need. Today, we are able to pre-plan any of the before listed services which are offered at Lucy Mortuary and Cremation. Our belief in the importance of pre-planning funeral arrangements is so strong that Lucy Mortuary and Cremation will honor funeral pre-arrangements that are made at any other funeral homes. The pre-planning of funeral arrangements only takes a few minutes and is done by Lucy Mortuary and Cremation free of charge. However, the benefits it will give to your family is immeasurable.